Francis Ford Coppola

     Francis Ford Coppola made a name for himself when he first produced the film Dementia 13 in 1963. He then went on to collaborate with directors such as George Lucas to co-create 4 more movies includingfor Is Paris Brunging? (1966) and Patton (1970). In 1972 he released The Godfather which won him an eternal seat among the great movie directors of American history. Winning a Oscar nomination and named Best Director of the Year, he went on to create The Godfather Part II and III later on in his career. He would later on produce his most ambitious, and indeed hallmark film Apocalypse Now (1979), a Vietnam War film that would become one of the most disputed movies ever released by American cinema to this day.

He fell out of directing after an unfrotunante boating accident killed his son Gio  in 1986, but he went on to produce films such as Wind (1992), and The Secret Garden (1993).

As a side note he helped his nephew, Nicolas Cage, reach stardome and star in many pop culutre films of the modern decade.