Annotated Bibliography

1. Daniels, Robert. Coming to America: A History of Immigration and Ethnicity in American Life. New York: Harper Collins, 2002.

Robert Daniels follows in detail the immigration of many of the major ethnic groups that have come to America over the century. The book debates reasons for coming, problems the new arrivals faced, and how they integrated into the society. Using charts, surveys, and data Daniels brings an excellent argument to the table to make the point that all immigrants are similar. That discrimination against them is baseless and bias, and only serves to separate and divide the American culture as a whole. It was the core authority for this project in terms for the Italian ethnic group, as well as related information on how they assimilated into the American society.


2. “Italian Immigration.” Digital History. March 14, 2012.

Digital History provides a basic history of the immigration of various groups to the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries. It was relevant topic material on Italians, and provided a basic skeleton for the understanding of the ethnic group and how it came here to America.


3. “Francis Ford Coppola.” IMB Inc. 1990-2012.

IMB, or Internet Movie Database, is one of the largest sites in dealing with information and reviews on films. Their reviews are often cited in magazines, newspapers, and television stations for entertainment news on film and TV series production. It was important to this project because it contained critical information on not only the movie, but the cast, filming crew, director Coppola, and actual scenes from its filming back in the 1970’s.


4. “The Godfather: Part II.” April 28, 2012.

This website offers reviews and information’s on all films that have ever been produced. Support by AMC, the television corporation, it is widely respected for its Movie Reviews that often are cited by entertainment news stations. It was critical to this work because it contained a review on the Godfather Part II movie that gave a balanced insight to what the movie was all about.


5. Ebert, Roger. “The Godfather, Part II.” April 29, 2012.

This article was from a very well repudiated movie review website. It gave a general look at The Godfather Part II, shows the general plot line, and briefly discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the film. The writer, Robert Ebert, generally is in favor of the movie and only stopping once or twice to criticize director Coppola for material and the films plot line. This was relevant to the current project in the fact it was one of the few reviews I found on the internet for the movie. It gave a different perspective from the JSTOR reviews because it was more a pop culture reasons, and less of an academic overview of the film.


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This website provided two pictures used in the website creation.


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This website was the source of one picture used in the creation of this website.


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This website provided a picture for the creation of this website.